<h2>Mythos Restaurant</h2><p> </p> <h2>Mythos Restaurant</h2><p> </p> <h2>Mythos Restaurant</h2><p> </p>
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Mythos, Restaurant - Tavern, Central Square - Palekastro Lasithiou, Crete.

The Restaurant {small}

The Greek experience everyone wishes to experience when visiting this remote and intact area of ​​the island of Crete, the island that Homer calls 'the island with the hundred cities'.


Our Land {small}

Sitia is a coastal town of eastern Crete in the prefecture of Lasithi. It is the homeland of "Erotokritos" poet Vicentius Kornaros. According to Greek mythology, Heracles gathered from this city the warriors against the Laestrogenians and, defeat


Visit us {big}

here are many reasons to visit and taste our menu, which includes many traditional vegetarian recipes, several meat dishes and a great selection of fish and seafood to satisfy every palate.

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